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Welcome To Nero Guild Site! Friendly Social PvE/PvP guild!

                                                                 Dentarg - Alliance

In this guild it's important that you have these following three stages; 1. Avaible to communicate trough english. 2. Be nice too other guild mates! 3. Have a bit of experience due World of Warcraft, Not the most important stage in Nero as we will make sure you learn too raid & PvP with us! :)

We're focusing on getting such a friendly guild as possible, As well as we're having progressions in latest raid for the patch. As long as you act well against the guild mates and your over 16+ years old, We'll take away everything what Skills means for you, We'll teach you and support you trough the game until you know what RGAMERIO means! Whatever that means.... Ehhm, How embarassing.

interessted in joining us? Here you have the Officer & Gm list! :)

?Officer & GM list:
(Guild Master Wyxoor)




END :)

Ranking System:  (May Soonly Be changed, Discusstions going on)!
1. Guild Master (GM)
2. Crimson Queen
3. Fearless King
4. Blood Officer
5. Molten Lord           
6. Pyroflame Hero     
7. Flame Member
8. Dragon Whelp

Now as you can see, We're going for the Fire, Blackrock, Molten Core and everything that has with fire too do theme!! but as we've said it may soonly be changed, We're thinking of a "Slayer" Theme or who knows. Maybe we'll go for a serious raiding ranking system a "Normal" Ranking system please come with tips! . I (Wyxoor) has got a 85 Rogue at Boulderfist called Rauchen, I'm in a guild called "STORMWIND ARMY" and I just wanna thank that guild A lot. I maybe gonna leave the realm on my rogue wich is sad. But I have my empire at Dentarg and the guild!! and I just wanna say I got a lot of the inspiration too make this guild 'Nero' from STORMWIND ARMY (Boulderfist). So thank you guys a lot! It's a great guild I really recommend you playing on it if your at boulderfist alliance EU. Most friendly guild I've ever met! :)

Welcome too Nero, In this guild it is important that 
you act well too another player! Acting failure too another
guild member is a permanent kick! 

Being Exalted too the guild is automaticly a 1+ Rank up! 
2+ Ranks up if your on the lowest rank avaible. Tell
us if your exalted!!

Thank you for reading trough this! ^^


Guild Bank:
1 : Officer Bank
2 : New Players
3 : Equipment
4: Glyph
5: Mats & Proffesions

Thank you a lot for reading trough this. Grants you extra reputation too the guild and usefull information ;)

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Level 3

WillyWyxoor, Jun 26, 12 1:10 PM.
Congratulations Guild, On Level 3! Good Job everyone who has been helping us, Remember Daily quests gives the guild much xp!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

WillyWyxoor, Jun 26, 12 12:11 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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